Case Studies

WelCare has delighted to showcase their live testimonies from the patients about their firsthand experience in caring them in all the aspects...lets see some of those.....

Mr. Vinnu, aged about 28 years- Two years ago, he has fallen from a tree & had a spinal injury i.e. (loss of sensation of lower limbs). Initially admitted to K.R. Hospital, Mysore for about Eight months & went home; there I developed urinary infection, bed sore, swelling of lower limbs & whole body odor. Then I came to know about WELCARE home for aged/disabled & Patient Care Trust, immediately I admitted. They have taken care of me very well in all the aspects i.e. (often bladder wash, cathler change, cleaning, oil body massage, exercise, timely food and evening walk.) Finally it’s a homely atmosphere & I am feeling better & comfortable, I thank all the WELCARE Team.
Ms. Narasamma, aged about 85 years- Last year (2013) she had fallen & had a Fracture of left Femural Bone & was admitted private hospital for a treatment (she also a had a history of Asthma). Later stage she has been left alone, since no one is there for her regular and daily care. Through hospital we came to know about WELCARE home for aged/disabled & Patient Care Trust, then we admitted her. She is feeling better now & she not feeling loneliness because of the care & affection given to her. She will remain in WELCARE till last.
Mr. Narayana, aged about 62 years- I was addicted to Drinking & Smoking a lot, one day due to high B.P. I had a stroke & fell un-conscious & I was admitted to nearby hospital. Initial & basic treatment was given later I was admitted in WELCARE home for aged/disabled & Patient Care Trust, for my every day body massage, physiotherapy, balance diet, mild walk etc. Thanks for WELCARE for caring me.

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